The Evaluation

 This consultation is designed to evaluate your current business model as it relates to your product offering, your competitions and Identify gaps and suggest actions that can be taken to improve your customer acquisition and sales. For Direct Selling companies, this consultation evaluates your software, compensation plan, marketing,  operations and distributor tools and other critical elements of your business.  

Strategy Development


Once areas of your business have been identified and recommendations have been made. A detailed strategy is created to address these issues to improve your business.

Implementation and Monitoring

This consulting phase requires a month to month contract agreement due to the time and resources required. I will evaluate your daily operations on-site. Review your processes, sales, marketing, social media, branding and use my industry connections to build your industry credibility. This level of consulting is available to a select clients. These clients are considered my Preferred Vendors and I may participate in their sales process and make personal referrals to the business.